In the Howling Peaks, an ancient evil stirs under the hills of Silverstock. Our heroes, will confront this evil as it manifests itself in strange and terrible ways.

Life in Silverstock was simple. A once bustling frontier town, Silverstock is now just a sleepy mining town. As the veins of silver grew scarce, so did the investors and troublemakers. Lately, terrible things have been happening in and around Silverstock. Rumors abound of villagers, long dead, rising from their graves. Strange devilish beasts roam the land. Some say it all started when the great fireball fell from the sky.

The world of Eberron will be shaken to its very core as this primeval curse ravages every people to the corners of every nation. Nobles will not find safety in their towers; dwellers in the depths of Khyber will not be find salvation in isolation. This horror must be dealt with, and the time is now.

It is not a question of saving the world, for that chance passed when the great fireball descended upon Silverstock. But rather, the question is: Of this seemingly doomed world, how much can be saved? Where to place the tourniquet? Where to amputate?

The Maw of Madness