The Maw of Madness

The Crater

The Heroes Return to the Crater...better equipped?

The Crater

After the fight at the edge of the crater, the heroes realized that they needed different types of weapons to handle the threats at the crater, so they all (but the eaten rogue) headed back to town to pay ol’ Bud Blackhand a visit.

Before arrived, the heroes were ambushed by a troll warrior with a greatbow, and a greater club. The fight was short, but disconcerting since it happened so close to town. The party was victorious, but not before the troll bashed in the head of Gingin’s wolf. Two dwarves, a cleric and a fighter, also joined in the battle against the troll.

Once back in Silverstock, they purchased many new weapons to better kill undead monsters. Upon further discussion (over pints) it was decided that more defenses against the foul magics of the crater were needed, and that Wizard’s lab needed another visit.

Once at Wizard’s lab, several protective items were found. With these pieces of jewelry in hand, the crater was revisited.

Again, the heroes were assaulted by spell casting skeletal mages and a host of other lowly undeads. This fight went much better than the first. The right weaponry and new friends made a sizable difference. Very few injuries were sustained, and the crater finally yielded some of its secrets.

After the defeat of the undead at the crater’s edge, the company descended into the crater and towards the activity at its center. Many dwarves and warforged mindlessly toiled in the center, removing large chunks of silver “electrified” metal from the green meteor, and taking them into a complex below the crater. The adventurers tried to speak with the workers, but no response was given to any question, nor any threat. The heroes descended into the complex below the crater.

They discovered a colosseum below the earth, at the center of which was a large pile of the silvery metal debris. Several exits left the colosseum and led into a network tunnels of a ruined underground city. Voices could be heard echoing from one of the halls, and the PCs gave chase. The faster of them caught up with…

xp 1135 Treasure: Neutralize Poison Ring 1/day, Ring of Protection against Poison and Charm, Necklace of Protection against Poison and Charm.



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